Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

Foundations of the Christian Faith - Intro and Index

The Mercy Seat and Portal to God that Jesus TrailblazedJesus trailblazed a new WAY (path), with his own body and blood, for people to leave their brokenness and become reconciled with God. He came to earth not only to set us free from shame and guilt, but also to show us how to function as "children of God". In other words, he modeled the lifestyle of walking with God.

He taught these principles as foundations of our faith so that our lives could be rebuilt into something magnificent and stable. By letting Jesus' principles reframe our way of approaching life, we can be kept "safe" (saved) from the decaying and corrupt culture around us, and also be catalysts promoting wholeness to those around us. You can quickly access these studies at any time by using the drop down FOUNDATIONS menu on the top of each web page. A separate index is also located at the bottom of this page.

All of these studies in the Foundations section will skim the surface of biblical teaching and teach the "basics". At times there will be links to more in depth teaching for advanced students of the Bible. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you refrain from linking to these advanced studies until you have completed all of the "basic" foundational studies.

rooted plant - good harvestAs you begin to embrace these foundational truths and implement them in your life, you will become a more "grounded" person who is centered on what really matters in life. Other people and philosophies won't be able to easily sway you and get you off track from your glorious purpose in life as a child of God.

Understanding God through the Bible is a process. God does not exasperate people with more detail than they need. He patiently and thoughtfully builds on a foundation.

Even if you don't yet believe that the Bible is written by God (through the hands of men) or that Jesus is God in the form of a man, I encourage you to study and honestly consider the issues brought up in these foundational studies before making a final judgment.

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