Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

Why did Jesus Christ Come to Earth?

1. Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth to deeply connect with us and show us how precious we are to God. He came to show us the TRUTH about God's character and free us from the lies we have believed about both God and ourselves. Jesus' goal is that we would trust God enough to let Him restore us to our true identities as beloved, children of God, whom He considers to be of great worth! Once we are restored to our loving and bonded relationship with God, and our true identity, we can then live out our purpose (using the unique gifts and talents God has given us) to bring God's merciful love, appropriate justice (healthy boundaries of protection for ourselves and others) and healing to the rest of this broken world around us.

Jesus built our trust in God by removing all obstacles that have blinded us to God's true character of love for us and by giving us a support system. He did this by treating us as God would treat us, by teaching us about God, by being an example to us of what it looks like to live like a Son or Daughter of God, by sacrificing his life for us to pay for our debt, and by equipping us with both His Holy Spirit, the Holy Scriptures (the Bible) and the community of believers (the church), as our support systems.

The word, IMMANUEL, referenced at Jesus' birth story means "God with us"

2.Jesus came to earth to bear our burden, pay our debt, stop the spreading of our "sin" disease and free us from our captivity under the devil. This encompasses the burden we carry due to all the abuse we have suffered and the debt we carry due to all the abuse we have caused. By failing to accurately live as imagebearers of God, we have created a world of chaos. We owe a great debt to the universe, and ultimately God, for choosing to be independent instead of working together with God to know how to properly be stewards of the earth and care for one another. We have great difficulty seeing how much we have messed up our world.

God's justice is an eternal principle. He understands when people cry out for "blood" as payment for the violations they have suffered. He doesn't deny its existence or its gravity. Jesus chose to be our scapegoat - to give us the "blood" we feel we need as justice, so that we would stop this cycle of abuse and violence and not get revenge.

Jesus chose to be our SCAPEGOAT - He took the "blame" for all hurt in this world. He is the answer to our outcry for "blood".

Jesus' name for the ways we abuse one another and God is "SIN". Jesus bore its ramifications (as our scapegoat) within his very body and shed his precious blood as payment for its just consequences, so that we would not take revenge on one another and not continue the cycle of violence's ripple effect. When we become aware of and acknowledge our guilt and accept Jesus' payment of our debt, we accept him as our savior. When we put our lives in Jesus hands and believe his promises, he frees us from the power of he devil.

3. Jesus came to earth to lead us out of the "wilderness" of a purposeless life and teach us how to live the empowered life God created us for. Jesus lived as a Jewish Rabbi (Teacher) and taught those willing people who accepted his offer of apprenticeship. He called all people to turn away from their old way of living (where they were their own "god", who determined their own standard between good and evil) and turn to His new way of living (becoming his apprentices and letting Him be "God"). When we make this decision to walk with Jesus daily and let Him teach and lead us daily, we accept him as our lord. As a result he removes our old self with its toxic desires and gives us new desires (a new heart and mind).

4. Jesus came to earth to reconcile us to God and one another and to restore our true identity as image-bearers (children) of God. Follow this link to see how we actually can reconcile with God and be free to become our true selves: Restoring Your Relationship With God.