Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

God's Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways: Consider the Birth Of Jesus:

How did God announce to the world that His Son, the very one spoken about for centuries, was now about to be born?

How would we announce such an awaited for event?

* Send Jesus to the clergy…..Zechariah and Elizabeth …who had been waiting for a child.
They were an upstanding family.  (In some ways like Abraham and Sarah… Elizabeth was well past childbearing age)

* Announce the birth to reliable and honorable witnesses so that they could tell others and be believed.

* Provide for a sanitary environment for the birth;

* Set up a beautiful nursery and ensure that the grandparents and others close to us all could share in this wonderful event. The birth of a Jewish child was a very happy event that the whole family shared in.  

* We would have encouraged Joseph to leave Mary home with her family so that her birth could be attended to properly and so that the family could have a celebration.

* We would have chosen two upstanding, young prophetic types of people to prophesy about Jesus at his first time being presented at the temple.

What God did:

* Sent Jesus to Mary and Joseph betrothed and not yet married. Betrothal was as binding as marriage. A betrothed woman could be stoned for adultery. nbsp;God risked having the stain of adultery associated with his son.
Yet, God helped Joseph by sending an angel to him in a dream to correct his thinking. (God didn’t send the angel to Mary’s parents or others and they were very possibly left wondering)

* Announced the birth to shepherds, the ONLY SOCIAL CLASS in Judaism that was not allowed to be a witness.

* God’s son was born in a stable (bacteria ridden). Yet, God protected him (and Mary) from illness.

* Jesus first nursery was the dirty and smelly stable.  His grandparents were not present. Only the animals were companions to the birth.

* God had Mary go to Bethlehem with Joseph (even though it was not necessary for the census) and had her ride on a donkey for many many miles while 9 months pregnant. He did not have her near her family to support her.  God did not send an angel to tell the grandparents to accompany them…..there’s no mention of Mary’s parents attitude toward the birth of Jesus.  All is silent.

* God chose two very elderly people to prophesy about Jesus during his first presentation in the temple. (Simeon and ANNA…...A WOMAN!!!!)